Manoj Muntashir on allegations of stealing songs and poems, ‘Teri Mitti copy nikla to put in writing off’


Famous author and lyricist Manoj Muntashir was not too long ago accused of plagiarizing a poem. Since then, he has been on the goal of the individuals. Now Manoj Muntashir (Manoj Muntashir on copying Teri Mitti) is being accused that he did the movie ‘Kesari’ (KesariThe tune ‘Teri Mitti’ has been copied from a Pakistani tune. It is being mentioned on social media that he has stolen ‘Teri Mitti’ from a Pakistani tune within the 12 months 2005.

Manoj Muntashir (Manoj Muntashir on plagiarism declare) are livid over these allegations. He has mentioned that whether it is proved that he has copied the tune ‘Teri Mitti’ from someplace, then he’ll cease writing perpetually.

Not Pakistani, Geeta Rabari sang the tune
Manoj Muntashir spoke with our colleague Times of India on this complete controversy. “Those who are making these allegations should check that the video was uploaded months after the release of our film ‘Kesari’. For information, let me tell you that the song that is being talked about has not been sung by Pakistani singer but by our own folk singer Geeta Rabari. You can also confirm this by calling them.

Manoj Muntashir further said that he knows Geeta Rabari personally and she has often praised her work. Manoj said, ‘You can also ask Geeta ji about this.’

The copy of this song is being told ‘Teri Mitti’, watch the video:

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Not only songs but also accused of stealing poetry

Manoj Muntashir has been accused of plagiarizing not only ‘Teri Mitti’ but also some other songs and poems. He has recently been accused of stealing the poem ‘Call me to call’. This poem was featured in Manoj Muntashir’s 2018 book ‘Meri Fitrat Hai Mastana’. It is being discussed on social media that this poem is not Manoj Muntashir’s own poem.

Why did Manoj Muntashir suddenly hit the target?
When Manoj Muntashir was asked why all of a sudden he is facing so many allegations at the same time. In response, Manoj Muntashir said, ‘People are attacking me because I made a video on Mughals, in which I used strong words against them and called them ‘dacoits’, which has been glorified.’ Let us tell you that Manoj Muntashir had shared a video some time ago, in which he compared Mughal emperors to ‘dacoits’. In the video, Manoj was saying, ‘The country has been brainwashed and roads have been named after ‘dacoits’ like Akbar, Humayun and Jahangir. Many celebs also objected to this video of Manoj Muntashir.

‘If the allegation is proved, I will stop writing’

Manoj Muntashir said that if anyone has a problem with his YouTube videos or retelling history correctly, then he can argue with them. You can put forward your reasons. But don’t insult a song that has become an anthem for the armed forces. Manoj Muntashir further said, ‘If it is proved that I have copied ‘Teri Mitti’ from some other song, then I will stop writing forever.’

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