Sasakwa and Katahdin work nicely


Sasakwa and Katahdin labored nicely when the horses have been exercised right here on Saturday (Sept. 18).

Outer sand: 600m: Isle Of Dreams (rb) 45.5. Zucardi (rb), Windsor Walk (Shahar Babu) 43. They are in high quality situation.

800m: Demerara (Ajeet Kumar) 1-2.5, 600/47.5. Easy. Prince Purple (rb), Sinatra (G. Ross) 58.5, 600/44. They urged and completed degree.

Inner sand: 600m: Bohemian Grandeur (Nakhat Singh) 45.5. Easy. Sentosa (Azfar Syeed), Noble Heir (Koshi Kumar) 47.

800m: Bossinova (Ajeet Kumar) 1-0.5, 600/46. A 2-y-o (Hymn-Sublimely Single) (rb), Blue Patent (rb) 1-1, 600/47.5. They moved freely.

1000m: Katahdin (rb)) 1-10, 800/55, 600/40.5. In high quality trim. Sasakwa (Farid Ansari) 1-6.5, 800/52, 600/40. Moved impressively. A 2-y-o (Top Class-Whistling Strait) (Azfar Syeed), Azeria (Koshi Kumar) 1-13.5, 800/57.5, 600/43.5. They completed collectively. Queens Hall (Muzaffar Alam), Velocity (Nikhil Naidu) 1-8, 800/54, 600/42. Former moved nicely and completed 5 lengths forward. Dream Run Muzaffar Alam), Pragmatic (rb) 1-9.5, 800/54.5, 600/43. Former higher.

Mock race: 1,200m: Bernardini (D.S. Deora), Sir Baffert (Okay.V. Baskar) 1m,16.055s. Former was too good.


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