Akron Police Department released chilling body-camera footage of Jayland Walker's shooting death. He was a Black

motorist who ran from officers during a Monday traffic stop. The video shows Walker being chased by police. Eventually

officers surround Walker in a parking lot and attempt to Taser him before opening fire. Walker is accused of

shooting a handgun at officers from his car, before putting the pistol in the driver's chair and running from the officers.

Although the family attorney claims that officers shot 90 shots in the video, police investigators have not yet

determined how many shots were fired. Akron's physician saw about 60 injuries on Walker's body. Four days straight of

demonstrations have been held this week demanding that police be held accountable. As the video was being

released, Akron police and political officials called on calm as they warned about its graphic nature. Daniel

Horrigan, the mayor of Akron, stated that the video was heartbreaking and difficult to absorb. Steve Mylett (Akron's

police chief) said that the video is difficult to view for many reasons. "At the request from Mr Walker’s family.