Akron shooting Police released "heartbreaking” video on Sunday of the fatal shooting at Jayland Walker, a Black

motorist. It happened just minutes after Akron police said that Walker fled a traffic stop last Wednesday. As stunned

citizens and city leaders wait for the results of the investigation into Walker's murder, eight of the officers involved

in the shooting were placed on administrative leave. Video footage released on Sunday shows officers

converged on Walker's silver Buick after a chase. Walker appears to have escaped the car wearing a ski mask.

Police Chief Stephen Mylett stated that Walker appeared to have reached for his waist while on foot pursuit and then

briefly turned towards officers. They opened fire. Mylett stated that Walker was wounded in 60 places by the

medical examiner, but the exact number of shots fired is not known. According to the chief, officers tried to care for

Walker immediately after the shooting stopped. However, Walker died on the spot. At the request of Akron police

the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation will be conducting the investigation. On Sunday afternoon