Alexander Volkanovski There's no doubt that Alexander Volkanovski has buried his rivalry with Max Holloway

for good this time. Volkanovski (25-1) retained his featherweight title to win the title for the 4th time, on Saturday

night, beating Holloway (23-7) by a an unanimous verdict in the highly-anticipated tri-fight fight. Three judges

gave the title fight 145 pounds which was co-headlined by UFC 276 inside T-Mobile Arena and was a perfect 50-45

sweep for the champion who is defending his title. The fight that took place on Saturday, with five rounds, was by

the far, the most conclusive outcome from the three-fight series. The two fighters first met in the ring at UFC 245

in December 2019 followed by a rematch on the same card at UFC 251 in July 2020. Volkanovski was victorious

in both fights via decision, but both fights were very closeespecially in the second match. After the rematch

certain people in the sport believed Holloway the featherweight champion. However, the sentiment has been far gone

following UFC 276. "Look, Max Holloway is an absolute monster," Volkanovski said. "That determination he displayed