Amtrak Crash Two Boy Scouts troops who were on a Chicago-bound Amtrak train that derailed after hitting a dump

truck in Missouri, assisted fellow passengers in getting them to safety and provided first aid, Fox News has

learned. In the immediate aftermath of the derailing, the two groups of scouts broke windows and helped

pull people out of train cars. They also used their advanced first-aid training to help injured passengers before first

responders arrived at the crash site. One of the scouts, a 15-year-old boy, located the driver of the dump truck

and assisted him before the driver died from his injuries. The driver was ejected from his vehicle during the crash

and was laying in a nearby ditch when the scout provided him first aid and attempted to stabilize him. The 15-year

old then comforted him until the driver passed away. Two of the group's leaders were injured during the

derailment and were subsequently transported to the hospital for medical attention. Their injuries included

broken bones, broken ribs and a punctured lung. One of the boys was also injured and may be staying overnight at a hospital.