Armie Hammer Since a viral tweet last week, rumors been flying that the stricken actor Armie Hammer may

be working for a resort hotel in Cayman Islands. And despite denials on the record from the hotel, the speculations

haven't been resolved due to images which appear to illustrate Hammer on the job , as well as claims that the resort

is providing cover for the actor. To get some clarification, EW reached out to Hammer's lawyer Andrew Brettler, on

Wednesday to ask if Hammer's Death on the Nile and Call Me by Your Name actor is actually selling timeshares

across the Caribbean. "I cannot affirm or deny it since Armie hasn't responded," Brettler said in an email.

I believe it's just a pity that, if he's selling timeshares and the media is shameing him for working a normal job.' What's

the deal?" The story began on July 6 in the event that Muna Mire, who was a producer at Desus & Mero, tweeted an

advertisement from the Morritt's Resort located on Grand Cayman indicating that Hammer was employed as

concierge. (The tweet was later deleted.) After that, the hotel's employees denied to EW and other media outlets