In the second quarter of earnings reports by banks There was one thing that stood out: banks that concentrate only on

Wall Street were pessimistic about the future, while banks that primarily cater to the needs of customers or Main

Street were much more optimistic. The reasons aren't difficult to determine and can be seen when you analysis of

the figures Bank of America put out and its earnings which in reality, missed Wall Street forecasts, a reality that

was ignored by investors were focusing on its positive outlook on consumers. American consumer. Bank of America

painted the picture of a market that is much healthier than it was prior to the Covid pandemic or the previous recession

of 2007-2009. It starts with a single digit that is on the 23rd page of the B of America's supplementary

charts that accompany their earnings report 771. That's the credit score of the new mortgage and credit card borrowers

at the nation's second largest bank (behind JPMorgan Chase), stated CFRA Research analyst Ken Leon.

The median new car loan in the quarter was 791 scores. The typical home equity borrower scored 797 and it was at 800 in the first quarter.