Beanie Feldstein In a statement, Beanie Feldstein's producers and representative have clarified the 

reason behind her departure from The Broadway production of Funny Girl. Feldstein, 29, made her Broadway debut in

April as Fanny Brice. This role was first played by Barbra Streisand. Mixed reviews were received for the show. In

addition, the Tony Awards did not recognize Fanny Brice as the leading actress in its nominations. After some

poor performances during her tenure, including when she was positive for COVID once at one point, Feldstein and

the production announced that she would be leaving in September. 25 would be her final performance as Brice.

She stated that she had given the production all her heart and would continue to do so. Feldstein announced on Sunday

that she would be leaving the show, via social media, when Feldstein made an announcement. Feldstein wrote that

"once they decided that this show needed to go in a new direction," she said, "I had the hard decision to leave earlier than

I anticipated." The show made an announcement that the casting announcement would be soon. The Funny Girl