Beanie Feldstein is set to leave The Broadway production of "Funny Girl" on July 31, which is roughly two months

earlier than she was supposed to quit the show. In the post via Instagram, Feldstein attributed her early departure to a

decision taken by the show's producers "to go in another direction." It's not clear the direction that was chosen

Feldstein is a film star who has been on the screen in "Lady Bird" and "Booksmart," has had an uphill time. She was

disqualified at the Tony Awards, which only granted "Funny Girl" one nomination and she has missed numerous

performances due to a COVID diagnosis June and other unspecified reasons. Reviewers have also been

harsh in some reviews, with critics comparing Feldstein with the original actress Barbra Streisand, and finding

her unsatisfactory (but it's true that who wouldn't?). The sales of tickets have also slowed in recent months.

Playing Fanny Brice on Broadway has been a lifetime goal for me, and doing this for the past few months has

been a tremendous satisfaction and an absolute honour," Feldstein posted on Instagram. "Once the show