Bette Midler's comments that women are being called "birthing people" or "menstruators" have sparked a heated

debate online. The passionate comments of the actress have led to comparisons to J.K. Rowling, who has

been the subject of much ridicule among trans campaigners. While Midler's tweet angered some in the trans

community, many others praised her. Midler, who appeared on screens as the trailer for Hocus Pocus 2, was praised by

thousands of people within hours of her tweet. The original tweet by the 76 year-old performer was written in

all caps. "WOMEN OF the WORLD!" On Monday, she wrote to her 2.1million followers, "We are being stripped off our

rights over our bodies and our lives, and even our names!" They no longer call us "women" anymore. Instead, they

call us "birthing people",'menstruators' and even people with vaginas. Midler said, "Don't allow them to erase you!" Every

human being on the planet owes you. The comments generated mass debate on Twitter and in the comments

section. Tens of thousands of people commented on and retweeted other comments. Jon Levine, a journalist, wrote