Brad Pitt is sparking rumors that he's traveling to Italy in celebration of twins Vivienne and Knox's 14th birthdays.

The timing of his trip coincided Angelina Jolie and their children's holiday in Europe. European country. As per

Entertainment Tonight, Brad Pitt isn't at all in Italy in order to announce his latest film, Bullet Train. The international

campaign to promote Bullet Train will commence at the closing this month. However, it's quite likely the possibility

exists that Pitt and Jolie's visit to Italy occurred at the same date. However, it's not certain whether Jolie was present to

celebrate his children's birthdays. However, according reports from Hollywood Life, the Maleficent actor is happy

that Pitt was present and the time he spent with his children has not gone unnoticed. "Angelina's in a tight filming

schedule for Without Blood] so she's happy by the fact that Brad could make it to Rome to meet the kids as well as

be present to celebrate Knox and Vivienne's birthdays, it's very important for her that he went on the journey. She's always

willing to ensure that the kids have the time they need with their dads particularly during special occasions like holidays

and birthdays. However, in this instance she was stressed about how she could accomplish all of this so the fact