Bryce Harper, an outfielder for the Philadelphia Phillies, suffered a broken left thumb after being struck by a 97

mph fastball thrown by Blake Snell on Saturday night against the San Diego Padres. The National League MVP in

the current season will be sidelined indefinitely, according to the Phillies. In the coming days, he will be subject to

more testing. Harper, who had a thumb splint on, remarked, "I've never had a hand injury like this." "Never in

my life have I broken anything. Since this is new to me, I'll just take things day by day, see where we're at, and

then visit the specialist in Philadelphia. And I will do so if I need to consult with another expert anywhere." Snell's

pitch travelled inside and up before striking Harper on the outside of the left hand, causing him to check the direction

of his swing. Harper instantly collapsed to the ground and was clearly in pain as he cradled the hand while

on his knees for a moment as head trainer for the Phillies Paul Buchheit attended to him. "I kind of wished

that it had struck me in the face. I don't fracture my face, "Harper stated while giggling. "I am able to withstand 98