Canadian Grand Prix Lap 51: The safety car has been deployed! Yuki Tsunoda exits the pit lane and slams into the wall at the

second corner on cold tyres. Sainz might be in the money today, as he pits and emerges in second place, close

behind Verstappen despite the fact that his tyres will be significantly fresher than those of the Red Bull drivers. Lap 45:

Verstappen pits and emerges just ahead of Hamilton, who takes P2 from the Dutchman. The British slammed the door in his face.

In response, Verstappen comfortably reclaims P2 down the main straight, and Hamilton himself enters the pit.

Canadian Grand Prix, 42nd lap In their battle for P5, Leclerc simply has  no answer for Ocon. During the first half of the lap

the Ferrari driver reduces the gap, but the Alpine driver gets tremendous traction off the hairpin to keep the gap wide

enough. As a result, Ferrari finally brings their driver into the pits, albeit  at a poor pace, and he is sent back into the track in

severe traffic. It's just not working out for him right now! Canadian Grand Prix, 38th lap Since the front order has been

unchanged since lap 33, let's look at the rear of the grid, where Canadian driver Latifi sits absolutely last.