Chick-fil A in Derby is expanding this summer. The restaurant launched a mobile service initiative, which began with a

Haysville location as of May 31. The satellite location will serve lunch every Monday from 11:30 a.m. until 1 p.m. in Haysville. The

limited menu includes regular and spicy chicken sandwiches, waffle potatoes chips, cookies, and other beverages. However

there is a website that allows customers to increase their choices at the location. Paige Lamkins, Derby

Marketplace Chickfil-A brand growth director, said that there is a preordering site that allows guests to order an extended menu.

The Derby Marketplace restaurant is part of Chick-fil A on Wheels. It currently operates a pop up in Haysville but Lamkins stated

that it is open for more pop-ups. The location would be determined by the time it takes to drive and the freshness of the employees

who are able to keep the food warm during commutes. Lamkins, a Haysville native and resident, made a personal

investment in the Haysville initiative. However, the Derby location is not planning to abandon its mission of expanding Chick-fil A's

reach. Lamkins stated that "That was in particular was a community that was close and dear to me and that I knew they would teach us