Chris Sale wants to let you know that he is aware that he "acted as an idiot." It was also his fault that the camera

caught him on Thursday. Since 2021, the Boston Red Sox hurler had not thrown a major league pitch. He is almost

ready to be back after a lengthy stint on the injured roster for various injuries, including a fractured vertebra. A

Wednesday rehab start with Triple -A Worcester Red Sox was part of the process. It didn't go according to plan.

After a base-loaded walk in the fourth, Sale was pulled. Sale responded with this: Sale is venting his frustrations

at the WooSox tunnel walls. One wall decoration was ripped to pieces and left on the tunnel floor. The second

piece of wall art didn't give up. After he couldn't get down the second piece of wall art, Sale gave it three powerful

kicks before stepping out of the tunnel. Chris Sale hasn’t yet thrown a pitch for Red Sox this season, but Sale

is taking his rehab seriously as the Red Sox prepare to return to MLB. After Wednesday's rehab start with Triple-A

Worcester Red Sox, Sale had an aggressive meltdown. Sale struck out five batters in the start, but also yielded five walks