Dallas Cowboys In his second season as the head coach of the Green Bay Packers in 2007, Mike McCarthy was

44 years old. He was still learning the ropes, and when a rookie kicker was on the field, tempers would

occasionally erupt. McCarthy, who is now 58 and entering his third season as the Dallas Cowboys coach, is likely

to face a similarly tense kicking situation in 2022. This could cause McCarthy to lose control of his emotions

once more. Mason Crosby was selected in the sixth round by the Packers in 2007. McCarthy is unsure of the

Dallas kicker's identity as the year 2022 gets underway. Only Jonathan Garibay, an undrafted Texas Tech graduate, is

a member of the Cowboys' 90-man roster. Before leaving for training camp in Oxnard, California, in July, the

Cowboys will probably recruit another kicker, but the varied veterans who are available don't all have resumes that

promise greater success than Garibay's.Chris Naggar, who was cut prior to the rookie minicamp this spring

could be re-signed by the Cowboys. In one NFL game, he booted the ball. They might even turn to the USFL for