Demaryius Thomas His family announced Tuesday that Demaryius Thomas, a former Denver Broncos wide receiver

had stage 2 CTE. This is a type of brain damage that has been seen in other athletes. Thomas, 33, was discovered

dead at his Georgia home in December. Although the Fulton County Medical Examiner's Office stated that a copy

his autopsy report is not available, authorities had previously indicated that foul play was not suspected. Thomas

mother Katina Smith said that Thomas started showing changes before his death. The Concussion Legacy

Foundation Tuesday said that Stage 2 often involves progressive behavior, mood, and cognitive abnormalities. According

to the foundation, Thomas suffered from anxiety and panic attacks, depression, and memory problems (After Thomas' family)

in the years prior to his death. He was so young and it was terrible to watch him struggle. His father and his family hope

that all families understand the dangers of football. Smith stated that he didn't want other parents to experience the

same fate as us. Director of the Boston University CTE Center Dr. Ann McKee said that she hopes this wakes up call.