Demi Moore, 59, believes that she and all women her own age deserve to feel more sexy than ever, especially in

swimsuits. She recently launched a swim collection in collaboration with Andie Swim to address "the things women feel

sensitive about," including their stomachs and other body parts. It also empowers their sexy side. Contrary to

popular belief, women do get hotter as they age. Swimwear should reflect that and not cover it up. Moore stated that

women don't want their bodies to be sexy and attractive. "That was actually something I thought of, which was

changing the idea that we age less desirable." Moore modelled the stunning statement pieces and captured the

energy she hopes they will bring to their wearers for campaign photos. These styles are bold but not too bold, elegant

and stylish. They're also comfortable. The photos were shared by the actress on Instagram and they were viewed by

many of her followers. One person commented, "It's finally vintage swimwear with high waists. Can I have one of everything?

Obsessed! "Another added. "so good!!!!! Someone else wrote: There are traditional, high-waisted, and swim-skirts.