Denzel Washington It was reported that actor Denzel Washington was not present at Denzel Washington's

visit to the White House last week where Denzel Washington was scheduled to be recognized. The White House has

confirmed that he did not attend after being tested positive for COVID-19. The last Friday (July 7th) A group of

prominent American civilians attended the White House to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom. The group

comprised 17 people, including Washington. He was, however, absent during the ceremony inside the East Room

and it was revealed that he found positive for COVID-19, making him unable to attend. "The man who was not

present today, but would like to play: Denzel Washington. One of the greatest performers to have appeared in American

history. Academy Awards, Golden Globes, Tony Awards, wide applause and awe from audiences and fellow

actors from around the globe," declared the president Joe Biden. "He couldn't be here today, but I'll be giving him this

award at a later date when he's able to get here." Other Presidential Medal of Freedom recipients included Olympic