Devon Allen Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Devon Allen fulfilled a dream by winning the 110-meter hurdles

in the World Championships. However, his goal became nightmare. Allen did not get to participate in his race due to

being disqualified in the World Outdoor Track and Field Championships in Eugene, Oregon, on Sunday night. When

the race began, event, Allen was disqualified for an incorrect start by one-tenth of a second. This meant he

could not participate in the race, which meant he was denied the chance to win an award. A computer determined

that Allen was a fake start which led Allen to argue his case. His reaction time was 1/10th of a second slower

than the threshold. This was a heartbreaking experience for Allen. Despite his accomplishments at the track during

this season Allen has made the Eagles his number. first priority. He'll report to training camp in the coming

week. The focus of his attention shifts to football, and the desire to reach the goal of his life in Philadelphia. I'm

awestruck by every single thing I do. My dream is to be the best hurdler I've ever been and I'm still a chance to

accomplish that and my dream is to be a part of the NFL and aid in helping the Eagles achieve the Super Bowl right now,