Drew Barrymore fans are celebrating the actress' playful and fun video of her playing in the rain and reflecting on

her difficult childhood. The talk show host and actress is gaining a lot of attention after sharing a clip of her

playing in the rain via social media. She Charlie's Angels star took to Instagram this week to remind her

followers to play in the rain whenever they have the opportunity. When you are able take a walk in the rain and do not

miss this opportunity," she happily yelled in the video. The video of the 47-year-old taking the small pleasures of

everyday life has enthralled people. "I want to love anything as much as Drew Barrymore loves everything.

Perfection," says one tweet. A different tweet said: "I want to see the world through Drew Barrymore's eyes. She knows

something we don't.." But, it's also been a source of discussion on social media regarding Barrymore's

childhood and her difficult life as a child actor in Hollywood. The people who are snarky about this aren't aware of

the hardships Drew Barrymore went through as an actress in her youth. The fact that she has a life that is filled with

so much happiness makes me smile every day," reads one comment. One commenter said: "Nobody is healing their inner child