Encanto Disney's animated films have famously tapped into the global appeal of the classically idealistic escapism

of wish fulfilment, much like the timeless fairy tales on which many of them are based. The allure of true love's first kiss

the hopeful promise of dreams coming true, and the power of wishing upon a star were all part of Walt Disney

Animation Studios' earlier classics from before the turn of the century, which practically set a precedent for the

kind of sentimentality that the Disney brand and the company as a whole would become synonymous with.

The endearing popularity of Disney animated "fantasy" has been rooted in the romanticism of dreams becoming

reality and happy endings attained through tangible external wishes, such as becoming human in Pinocchio and The

Little Mermaid or marrying your one true love in Sleeping Beauty or Aladdin, since the days of Snow White and

Cinderella to as recent as the '90s animation renaissance. While the stories of the Renaissance era films tried to revive

the Disney formula by balancing the characters' desires with their  emotional and thematic demands, their