Ford Escapes It's not a secret that the Ford Maverick Hybrid is hot hot, hot hot! The new models are selling 

more quickly than the hot cake. If we say that the 2022 Ford Maverick Hybrid is hot and hot, we're talking about it

literally. There's a recall in place because the Maverick Hybrids Escape and Maverick are in flames. However, are

engine problems an issue? Another recall is added to. 2022-2022 Ford Escape, Lincoln Corsair 2022 Ford

Maverick Hybrid and Plug-in hybrid models could catch the fire. This is following an earlier Ford Explorer, and

Lincoln Aviator recall that is also connected to fire. According to Reuters that in the case of an engine

malfunction massive amounts of fuel and engine oil vapor may leak onto hot components of the vehicle which could

increase the chance of igniting flames underneath the under the hood. As of now, Ford is aware of 23 fires

triggered by this issue, however there have been no reports of injuries. The issue could be due to a problem with the

crankshaft's machining that causes engine to malfunction. Ford will notify owners who are at risk before August 8.