Gary Payton II The Portland Trail Blazers are signing the former Golden State Warriors guard Gary Payton II to an

eight-year, $28 million contract, as per The Athlete's Shams Charania. Payton's salary is well-earned as he was

among the most exciting players of the season 2021-22. After spending the majority of his career on contracts

with a 10-day duration and also in the G-League but he eventually managed to secure a regular position in the

Warriors as defensive stopper as well as an unconventional pick-and-roll threat. He was instrumental in leading

Golden State to a championship and is now set to bring his skills into his home in Pacific Northwest. The match

on paper seems to be quite great. Payton is clearly well-versed in that part of the United States as the father of his

son, Gary Payton, was an athlete for Seattle's Seattle Supersonics. Both Paytons attended college in the NCAA

Division at Oregon State and now the younger Payton will be returning to Oregon to play for the Blazers team

looking to build an elite team in the direction of Damian Lillard. What the team of Damian Lillard has largely