Gerard Pique's unhappiness at Barcelona appears to be never-ending. The Spanish defender hasn't forgotten the difficult breakup he

suffered with his long-term partner Shakira. To make matters worse, Barcelona manager Xavi is said to have told Pique that he is

no longer needed at the club. Pique spoke with Xavi two weeks ago, according to a Sport report, and the vital

information was provided at that time. Pique's fitness difficulties and unethical behaviour off the field are said to have

influenced the Barcelona coach's decision. The meeting proved to be difficult for Pique as well, as the Barcelona coach delivered

the heartbreaking news. According to reports, Xavi doubts the 35-year-old defender's ability to play for the rest of the season.

Furthermore, Pique's many economic interests appear to be Xavi's main issue. According to the article, Barcelona manager

Ernesto Valverde wants Pique to leave in the most dignified manner possible, especially if the defender agrees to forego some

of the money owed to him by the Catalan giants. However, Pique is said to be eager to refute Xavi's points, so something like this is

unlikely to happen.The Blaugranas owe Pique £34.3 million in postponed payments, according to an article in The Sun.