Ghislaine Maxwell Even though Ghislaine Maxwell is not suicidal, she has been put on suicide watch just days

before her sentencing hearing, according to her counsel. A sentence hearing for Maxwell, who was found

guilty of assisting his ex-boyfriend Jeffrey Epstein in sexually abusing girls, is set for Tuesday. Maxwell, 60, was

previously convicted guilty on five of six criminal offences, and now the prosecution is seeking a sentence of 30 to

55 years. Her attorneys claim that she lacks access to any legal materials and is unable to effectively prepare for

her sentencing in a fresh request. "Greetings, Judge Nathan I'm writing to let the Court know about a recent

development that might necessitate postponing Tuesday's sentence hearing. The MDC put Ms. Maxwell on

suicide watch yesterday without conducting a psychological assessment and without cause "In the letter, the

lawyers stated. She is not allowed to have access to or examine legal documents, and she is not allowed paper

or a pen, they added. She has been unable to get ready for sentencing because of this. The lawyers, who have