Golden State Warriors won their fourth title in eight years over the Boston Celtics on Thursday night, but three days

later, they looked more concerned with throwing jabs with the Memphis Grizzlies than relishing their newly

acquired prize. During the team's post-game press conference, Klay Thompson brought up a tweet from Grizzlies

Jaren Jackson after Memphis blew out the Warriors 123-98 on March 28 to claim the No. 2 seed in the West.

The Warriors' old slogan, 'Strength in numbers,' was apparently parodied in Jackson's post. The concept of'strength

in numbers' is still alive and thriving. After they trounced us in the regular season, one of their players tweeted

"strength in numbers," which irritated me greatly. I'm really excited to RT that. Dude, you're a jerk. I have to keep

an eye on that because I'm like 'this friggin clown.' You're going to make fun of us? Bro, you've never been there

before. We've been in that situation before. We understand what it  takes. So, how does it feel to be back here? "Hold on to

that. Can you believe that, Twitter fingers? I have an elephant's memory, and  there were a lot of people kicking us down while