Golden State Warriors Gary Payton II was an important player for the Golden State Warriors last season. His defense

was an important reason the team had such high defensive ratings to begin the season. It was a difficult time for him

to leave for Portland Trail Blazers, and it was also a difficult time for the organization. Anthony Slater of The

Athletic reported that Gary Payton's departure as the Golden State Warriors' coach was a "stunting moment" for

many in the organization. Here is the complete quote from his article. The Warriors have lost key players like Otto

Porter and Gary Payton II, but they have also acquired solid additions such as Donte DiVincenzo. It is important that

Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, Draymond green, and Jordan Poole are all healthy. The Warriors will be a contender

as long as they have their key players. Marcus Thompson of The Athletic claims that Golden State's stars would

welcome Durant to their team if they had a reunion. Thompson also said that they have spoken with Durant about

the possibility of a trade and the "stunning" nature of such a deal. Thompson says that the front office is not pushing