Guatemala Companies in the mining industry are looking to increase an increase in production of gold within

Mexico and Guatemala following the completion of a series of studies on technical aspects in the first quarter of

H1. The companies have released feasibility, prefeasibility, and PEA studies on at most four gold mines in both

countries. The studies identified a potential production increase of 592,000oz/y with a an investment of

US$1.50bn. The projects are scheduled to start production at the end of 2024. These studies come in a favorable

time for the industry which is hoping to profit from rising gold prices that have increased in the last 24

months. Two of the 51 San Antonio migrants who died in the human smuggling disaster that claimed their

lives is being identified by a Guatemalan news agency. Fivety-five people were found dead Monday night

in Texas's scorching heat in an abandoned tractor trailer. Canal 9 de Coatevision Tuesday posted on Facebook

that two sisters, Carla Carac Tambriz and Griselda Cambriz, were among the casualties of the mass casualty incident.