Honda Civic enters its eleventh generation for the 2022 model year. The Civic, which was completely redesigned for the

latest generation, maintains its reputation for daily-driving  affordability and "joy in the first 10." A few points are still in the  "bad"

column, mostly due to the Civic's lower price and small size. Road noise is loud, especially at highway speeds, and Honda's

cutting-edge safety technologies frequently produce annoying false positives. Both a sedan and a hatchback version of

the 2022 Honda Civic are available. We drove both, but we like the hatchback better. In comparison to the more clipped fastback

style of the sedan, the hatchback features a longer roofline and greater  bulk in the rear. This translates into a little extra cargo

room and, in our opinion, greater aesthetic and physical balance for the hatch. The Civic Hatchback's availability of a manual

transmission and both a regular and turbocharged four-cylinder engine is additional good news. The Honda Civic doesn't

offer an electrified driving experience, but its close relative, the  Insight, does. A 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine with 158 horsepower

(117.8 kW) and 138 pound-feet (187.1 Nm) of torque is the base engine for the 2022 Honda Civic. Although the torque