Honda Civic The all-new CTR, like its predecessor, has a three-piped exhaust system, as seen on a truck by Twitter

user Yamazoh. The outlets, which exit through the middle of the black-painted aerodynamic diffuser, are not

exaggerated. The Civic Type R's 2.0-liter turbo requires a lot of air, which is why the exterior pipes are included. The

centre outlet, on the other hand, is a resonator that produces a loud growl as you accelerate from a stop. When you

settle in for some high-speed cruising, the gases flowing through the resonator reach a resonant frequency, diverting

backpressure to the outboard mufflers and lowering cabin noise. The diameter is the only difference between it and

the previous-generation CTR's central output. The rear suspension design, which is a multi-link configuration with

model-specific arms, is also shown in Yamazoh's photo and video. A multi-link suspension is also available on Civics

with lower trim levels, which improves straight-line stability and turn-in capability. Bushings have been changed

and suspension friction has been minimised, which reduces harsh impact shock and noise. As usual, the CTR