It's not hard to guess who the Oklahoma Sooners and Ole Miss Rebels would have supported if the players in the

2022 Men's College World Series championship finals (Game 1, ESPN/ESPN app, 7 p.m. ET) weren't in Omaha

and were instead watching on TV from home — and, oh by the way, most people believed that's what they'd be

doing right now. The Ole Miss Rebels and the Oklahoma Sooners would have participated. Why? Because individuals 

that remind people of themselves are usually attractive. And over the past week and a half, while these two teams

observed one other from a distance, they noticed a number of things that seemed familiar. The Oklahoma Sooners were

starting practice for their first championship series trip since 1994 on Friday at Charles Schwab Field when head coach

Skip Johnson observed, "There are so many similarities, there is no doubt about it." We play with as much emotion as

Ole Miss does. Both of us and they are led by some strong, knowledgeable seniors. They've always played with a

chip on their shoulder, and if you've watched us, you know that's how we play too. Watching those men has been entertaining.