Indy 500 Rasmussen, a native of Edmonton, Alberta, began racing on dirt tracks in Southern Alberta and has

competed in the touring CAMRA series more than 600 times. Before winning the USAC National Championship

in the 1970s, he raced in more than 50 USAC Sprint Car races. In 23 career starts, he had three top-10 finishes

the highest of which was seventh in a 100-mile heat race at Ontario Motor Speedway in 1975, followed by ninth

in the 500-mile feature race. Rasmussen attempted to qualify for the Indianapolis 500 six times and was

successful three times, in 1975, 1977, and 1979. With a 13th-place finish in his Rent-a-Racer, Inc. entry in the second of

these he achieved his best performance. Rasmussen's accomplishments were most notable for the fact that he was a

fabricator who physically built his own Indy car chassis, the 'Rascars,' and powered them with AJ Foyt-made engines.

While his greatest result at Indy came in 1977, Rasmussen is best known for being engaged in one of the most