Indy 500 The 47-year-vintage Brazilian encompasses a risk to face unaccompanied  atop the Indy five hundred conclusion list. He tied A.J. Foyt

Al Unser and Rick Mears through prevailing for the fourth time in 2021. “Indianapolis, whereas I’m beneathneath the most pressure, it brings out the exceptional

in me,” Castroneves schooled IndyStar' Nathan Brown heading into the 2022 race. The 2008 Indy five00 winner is that this year

most well-liked once his 4-lap run of 234.046 mph, the second-quickest qualifying try in race history. His 5 pole begins

offevolved are one within the back of the file established through Rick Mears. The Dixon own circle of relatives fastidiously

celebrated the achievement. His race win came from the pole, but Emma Davies Dixon is awake to starting initial ensures nothing.

I get therefore excited, however I’m so competitive, that goes towards me masses thanks to the actual fact I take the losses

and therefore the ache we’ve had on the 500, and it feels personal,”  Davies Dixon schooled IndyStar. “It’s terrible to be like that.

The transition from inventory motors to the IndyCar Series hasn't been clean for the four-time brickfield four hundred champion