Jay-Z interviews are rarer than Jay-Z songs in 2022. However, Kevin Hart was able to get a interview with the legendary

rapper in Hart’s second season of Hart to Heart. The comedian Hov asked Hov if he was retired in a sneak peek

of the program. Jay replied, "Nah, I've thought of this," referring to his famous statement that 2003's release of The Black

Album would mark the end of his career. However, Jay decided to resign a few years later. Hov stated that he felt

burned out at the start of his career due to not having taken a vacation until 2000. He was forced to take a short

break to ensure he could continue producing the quality work he wanted. Jay stated that he is not sure what the

next stage of his career will look like after more than three decades playing. He said, "I'm not sure what will happen

in the next few hours." I'm not currently making music or recording an album. However, I don’t want to say that I’m no

longer working. It's a gift. Who do I turn it off? You could have a different meaning or shape. It could be an album