Joe Musgrove The Padres and right-hander Joe Musgrove have intermittently engaged in contract negotiations

throughout the current season, both during the month of April (when San Diego reportedly floated an eight-year

agreement worth about $88 million) and more recently in the last few months. It was on July 2 that the

Athlete's Ken Rosenthal wrote that negotiations seemed to have "fizzled," thus making it appear that Musgrove

is likely to explore the market for free agents during the winter. But, the two parties have resumed talks,

according to Kevin Acee of The San Diego Union-Tribune. In addition, "there is optimism the deal could be

completed this week." If the All-Star break will trigger any kind of deadline is not known however Musgrove has stated

in the past that he does not want negotiations to be delayed until the final two months of the season.

The amount of negotiating that takes place in the off-season is quite unusual considering that most players typically

decide to set Opening Day as the unofficial deadline to conclude extensions talks in order to keep the talks

focused once the game begins. It's also unusual for an athlete who is preparing for a huge salary as a free agent,