John Cena has not appeared in WWE wrestling matches for a long time. The question that is arising in the

minds of people is whether John Cena will appear in the WWE match in the coming months. According to a

media report, John Cena may return during the 2022 summer season. He said that the summer season has been

a wrestling match, which can be seen there. John Cena's fans and fans are waiting for him. The Austin Theory told

the New York Post how John Cena started his wrestling career. Throughout his wrestling career, he has

made a lot of history. Cena's name is included in the world of WWE wrestling. People still love Cena, and his

fans still want to see him play in the WWE. A few years ago, John Cena distanced himself from WWE. The reason

behind this was the movie. He had to complete the shooting of many movies. For this reason, he had to

stay away from the WWE. In today's time, he is also a big Hollywood star. He continues to appear in many movies.