Josh Hawley (a Missouri Republican) was seen raising his fist to show solidarity with Trump supporters outside

of the Capitol Jan. 6. He was then forced to flee the rioters by the House Jan.6 committee during a televised

hearing. Hawley is seen running down a corridor in the Capitol, then swiftly making his way down a staircase together

with colleagues. This video was captured just hours after Hawley was photographed saluting protesters at

the security gates nearby. Elaine Luria (Democratic member of Jan. 6 committee) cited panel interviews with

law enforcement to describe how Hawley’s salute "riled the crowd" making it more difficult for officers to

protect the complex against the pro-Trump mob. Luria stated that barriers on the east side were broken not long after

Hawley made his gesture. Luria stated that Sen. Hawley fled the scene after the protesters he had helped to

rile up stormed Capitol. Luria noted that many of those he saluted were part of the mob who broke through the barricades.

Inadvertently, Sen. Josh Hawley (R.MO) was a comedic guest at Thursday's Jan. 6 committee hearing.

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