Josh Hawley The video that shows Republican senator Josh Hawley of Missouri and Berkely law professor Khiara bridges fighting

on trans issues is now a viral video on social media, and has been watched over eight million times. In an Senate hearing on

abortion policies on Tuesday, a dispute flared among Bridges and Hawley when Hawley questioned the meaning of a phrase used

by the professor. Bridges made use of the term "people with a capacity for pregnancy," which is considered to be a gender-neutral

phrase that includes transgender males and non-binary persons. The debate about the rights of women, abortion, and trans rights

has been more ferocious after an Supreme Court decision overturning Roe in v. Wade. The conflict with Hawley Bridges and Hawley

Bridges has also led to an argument on these issues on the internet, with the most notable being the debate over whether or

not to utilize terms that are more LGBTQ+ friendly or gender-neutral terms. A video showing the exchange between the two was

shared on Twitter numerous times on Tuesday. When combined, the two videos had been watched more than 8 million times. The

video shared by the Twitter account Acyn has been watched over 5.6 millions of times. A video posted by the HuffingtonPost's