Michael Massey, a Kansas City Royals rookie infielder, had a large fan club that traveled to Toronto to witness

him wear a big-league uniform. On his first day in major league baseball, 14 of his closest friends and relatives

crossed into Canada. One person stood out more than others. His father Keith had been a great coach and

ballplayer. Massey continued in the footsteps of his father at the University of Illinois, and still plays second base

the same way as his father. Massey's first hit in the majors was Saturday's 6-5 extra-inning loss against the Toronto

Blue Jays. Massey immediately ran back to the field to present his father the bat and a message. Massey stood

in front of his locker at the clubhouse and said, "I just handed my dad the bat." Massey said, "He's been a great

hitting coach and my greatest support. Both my parents have." You can't do the things that happen today by yourself.

Massey stated that there were not many words exchanged between Massey and his father when he presented the

bat to him, but that it was certainly meaningful. Massey said that they looked at each other and "I think we both

knew what our respective words were without having to say it." Massey was 2 for 4, with a pair line-drive

base hits. The first had an exit velocity of 101 mph. His father taught him how to develop that swing.

Massey stated, "It was really unique." Massey said that there were many nights growing up when it was just him

and me in a batting cage. He would work 9-5, then go home to eat dinner and throw batting practice at 6 o'clock.

Although it wasn't the first thing he wanted, his parents and my family sacrificed so much for me to have this opportunity.