Kevin Durant The Brooklyn Nets player Kevin Durant took his Twitter trolling of NBA broadcasters Skip Bayless

and Stephen A. Smith to a new low on Saturday. With his frequent use of sarcasm in his tweets, Durant is 

demonstrating that he doesn't care what others think of him anymore. Due to statements Smith made to JJ Redick on the

podcast The Old Man and the Three, whereby he claimed to have improved the ESPN show First Take's ratings

since his 2012 arrival, Bayless and Smith had recently been at odds. SAS asserted that Bayless informed him

he would need him for the following three years; Smith reportedly agreed and stated that a month later, the

programme had reached the top spot, where it has remained ever since. In his response to Smith's remarks, Bayless

stated that they were completely incorrect and that they had angered both him and his wife Ernestine. Smith

is his brother, the 70-year-old analyst claimed, and although it wouldn't be the first time they argued, their relationship

would remain strong. In his lengthy Twitter response, SAS clarified that he had not intended for Bayless to become irate.