Kia Telluride has improved the Telluride SUV in 2023. It doesn't have the same utility as the Kia Carnival. If utility is

what you are looking for in a sport-utility vehicle, the "U" symbol should be used. A Kia Carnival could win in a Kia

Carnival Vs. Telluride comparison. The 2023 Carnival has the same features as the 2022 Carnival, with a few additional

convenience options and slightly differing pricing. Minivans aren’t cool, we get that. Take a look at Carnival. It is not a

van or an SUV. It is called an MPV by Kia. The Carnival, which replaced the Sedona minivan, was completely

redesigned for 2022. Its styling is similar to the Ford Flex and splits the distinction between an SUV and a

minivan. The vehicle doesn't claim to be capable of off-roading. It's instead a large, eight-passenger front-wheel-drive

people-hauler that can be easily customized. However, Telluride is more stylish in a Carnival vs. Telluride styling comparison

particularly the updated version. While the spec sheet remains the same for 2023 and 2023 respectively, Kia

has updated all other aspects for 2023. Telluride receives a new front and rear look, as well as new interior packages.

It still can hold eight passengers. You can also order the sporty X-Line or X-Pro trims that enhance its off-road capabilities.