Kim Glass A former Olympic volleyball player was attacked on Friday within downtown Los Angeles when a man was thrown

a steel object towards her face in an attack that fractured several bones on her face and left one eye closed, the athlete

claimed in videos uploaded to social media. Kim Glass, a silver medalist from the Beijing Olympics in 2008 Beijing

Olympics she was taking a break from a meal at the end of Friday afternoon when she noticed an individual run by

with a weapon in his hands. The man was standing on the opposite side of a vehicle and was in the street when the

object was thrown -something that Glass thinks could be a bolt or pipe made of metal to her face. "He seemed to be

looking at me with beautiful disgusting eyes,"" she wrote in video clips uploaded to Instagram. "It occurred so quickly the

man literally threw it off the road, and he wasn't near me in any way." The man was restrained by a crowd of peoplewho

was who was identified as Semeon Tsfamariam 51 -- till police arrived to arrest him. Tesfamariam was charged with the

suspicion that he assaulted a person in a felony using an dangerous weapon according the officer Drake Madison, a Los Angeles