Kody Brown Sister Wives The popular TLC reality series that follows the Brown family, has had an enormously popular

run since its debut in the year 2010. The polygamous marriage of Kody Brown as well as his wife Janelle, Meri and

Robyn (and his Christine, his ex-wife Christine) keeps viewers captivated. Through the years, we've watched

the Browns grow through a myriad of relationships, as well as several house relocations. The Browns are looking

forward to the arrival of Season 17 on TLC and will also include the 18 children in the Brown family tree. We're still waiting

for information on the date that the Sister Wives season 17 will premiere on the air In time, Newsweek can fill you

with the latest news about what Janelle has been doing from Season 16. Here are five major things that have occurred

to Janelle since last we watched the actress on her show Sister Wives. Janelle has been transparent with her

viewers about the struggles she has with her weight and body image. She's previously stated during the series that

she felt the weight "creep up" as she had six kids and it was when a trainer informed her that she was weighing 271 pounds