Larry Storch, the comedic actor in the character who also performed impressions and voiceovers, and

was famous for his character of the Corporal Randolph Agarn on "F Troop," has died. He was 99. His family

issued an announcement through his facebook page which reads, "It is with the most heavy of hearts that we

bring you that of our dear Larry died in his sleep last night. We are devastated and in a loss of words right now. We want

to remind you that he was a loving person to everyone of you and would not want to see you cry over the loss of his

life. He's been back with the love of his life, wife Norma as well as loved ones from his F Troop cast and so many

of his family and friends." Storch was a well-known character on television shows in the 1960s and 1970sand he

was on the 1970s' children's show "The Ghost Busters" and was a part of "The Love Boat" and "Car 54, Where Are

You?" On "Married... With Children," he played Al Bundy's hero from childhood who ran the acting academy. Other TV

parts included "I Dream of Jeannie,"" "That Girl,"" "Fantasy Island,"" "Columbo," "Mannix," "Get Smart," "Gilligan's Island