LeBron James In the new installment of LeBron James' hit HBO show, "UNINTERRUPTED The Shop," LeBron

James is joined by NBA legendary player is joined by Academy Award winning actor Daniel Kaluuya, Manchester

United (Premier League) soccer player Marcus Rashford, artist Rashid Johnson CEO of SpringHill Company

Paul Rivera, and the CEO Maverick Carter, CEO of SpringHill Company Maverick Carter. As with the majority of

shows, this one offers actual discussion of the most pressing problems in music, sports and culture. The particular

episode provoked discussions on many issues, such as Black artwork, the way to success as well as

teamwork. Two subjects that stood out were the current situation concerning WNBA player Brittney Griner's detention

in Russia (in that the men admits that she's"the "LeBron" of the WNBA) and also how James is feeling when he

plays in the place that he dislikes the most. For Griner, James says, "She's an incredible human being and person. It's

true that I've been around her several times. It's always like when you're are from a particular place it's like they've

got your back. In a way, today what can she do to feel that America is her friend?" He wonders what Griner's intentions

are to go back home to U.S., stating that the hope is to receive more support in the hope of getting the charges dropped.