Last season, the Los Angeles Lakers were a disaster. They weren't very good due to Russell Westbrook's on-court injuries

Anthony Davis' injury, and their significant lack of depth. The Lakers' issues rapidly became apparent after

they were rated one of the favourites to win it all when the season began, and they eventually missed the playoffs

entirely. Now, as they prepare to retool this offseason, The Ringer's Kevin O'Connor reports that they are

interested in Washington Wizards star Bradley Beal, who is anticipated to decline his player option. That, however

would be a terrible idea. To begin with, they have no feasible way of obtaining him. They'd have to match his

contract in a deal, which would require trading Westbrook, which Washington would not do, or Anthony

Davis, who the Lakers would not give up. Even yet, adding Beal to this core of players does not appear to be the

best choice. Would he help them with their offence? Sure. But that isn't their main concern. The Lakers won the

championship in 2020 on the defensive side of the ball. They were  actually an ordinary offensive squad that year.