Mariners Nationals Erick Fedde had five solid starts between July 3rd and June 3, posting a 3.21 ERA, 

4.21 FIP, and the. He had a 196/.279/.320 against line during that period and only 3 earned runs allowed in any of the five

innings. However, he was overwhelmed last weekend with nine hits, three walks, and eight runs in just three

innings for the Atlanta Braves. After the game, his manager said that Fedde couldn't finish his hitters. This is

something they have spoken to Fedde about many times throughout the season. We need to continue talking to

him about the fact you don't have to be great when you get hit with two strikes. "Pitch a decent, competitive pitch and

then try making them swing at you," fifth-year skipper Davey Martinez said ".... There were times when he was capable

of doing it, but not always. Fedde was efficient at the start, pitching a scoreless streak of four pitches. He also

balanced the prospect of walking and allowing three runs over the eight- and four-pitch innings. Reduce his pitch count.

He was unable to get to the ball in the fifth pitch. After 15 pitches, the score was at 61 pitches. Jesse Winker was able to get one strike.