Mazda3 It's a good idea to say right from the start That I didn't write  this review about Mazda3 Turbo Mazda3 Turbo as a completely

impartial jury. I was expecting to be thrilled by the. I was ecstatic and hoping to convince my fellow enthusiasts of

hatchbacks who are aficionados of efficiency and practicality I could assure them that Mazda has created a vehicle that

was as thrilling as the Toyota GR Corolla, for an affordable price of 80 percent and with a more sophisticated interior and no

outrageous cost-plus. There aren't many enthusiasts-oriented compacts on the market today. We must keep the ones we

have. Instead, I find you a bit confused and sad. The 3 Turbo's specification sheet appears to suggest that Mazda is watching

every single conversation that I've thought about what I want in the perfect vehicle. It's available as a sedan or hatchback. It

comes with the 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 250 HP and 320 pounds of torque when 93 octane is used (dropping

between 227 and 311 with the 87-octane). It comes with all-wheel drive as well. If you was raised in Gran Turismo but wants a

touch more nuanced speed and handling, the 3 Turbo is the whole package.  There's a gap between the images that these specs